• Adelaide Mbutu

    Adelaide Mbutu

    Major in command of The Wings of Claybrooke
  • Alfredo Gonzalez

    Alfredo Gonzalez

    Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 402nd Mechanized Infantry
  • Aron Sanchez

    Aron Sanchez

    Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 134th Foot
  • Boris Sholokhov

    Boris Sholokhov

    Colonel in command of the 78th Infantry Regiment of the Capellan Confederation
  • Captain Essig

    Captain Essig

    Commander of Daniel District garrison
  • Carla Chestine

    Carla Chestine

    Lieutenant Colonel commanding Claybrooke's defenders.
  • Charles Unger

    Charles Unger

    Chief Local Sources corporate rep on Claybrooke
  • Danilo Vargas

    Danilo Vargas

    Mechwarrior in Battle Lance, Chestine's Own Guard
  • Emma Nurmsalu

    Emma Nurmsalu

    Colonel in command of the 34th Infantry Regiment of the Capellan Confederation
  • Kyle Morrison

    Kyle Morrison

    Mechwarrior in Assault Lance, Chestine's Own Guard
  • Lidania Micale

    Lidania Micale

    Tech assigned to Mechwarrior Vargas
  • Mok Chenglei

    Mok Chenglei

    Major in command of 151st Light Armor Reserves
  • Muhammad Muhamei

    Muhammad Muhamei

    Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 763rd Foot
  • Raisa Kablukova

    Raisa Kablukova

    Captain commanding the Sax Air Gurad 4th Transport Wing
  • Shaquilla Jones

    Shaquilla Jones

    Colonel in command of the 255th Armored Regiment of the Claybrooke militia